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Some of you won’t be old enough to remember the days when you went to your local post office or public library to pick up paper copies of the forms needed to file your income taxes. And if you needed one of the unusual forms, unless you knew an accountant who kept a stash you’d have the IRS mail them to you.

Of course those days are long gone, and now all the forms you need to file income taxes are available on the IRS website, 24/7/365.


For most of us, the Form 1040 (or the instructions for Form 1040) is the most sought after document. If you’re looking for any of the schedules for Form 1040 – those are forms for particular situations which accompany your main filing – the IRS website has all those ready in PDF format too.

Of course, if you are e-filing your tax return using a service like TaxAct, you probably don’t need to download the blank forms from the IRS because those forms are filled out for you as part of the e-file service.

Or, if you are having a firm like H&R Block help you with your return, they will have access to all the forms you need.

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