There’s nothing quite the like the satisfaction of doing your own taxes.

It’s rarely an easy task, but many individuals, couples, or small business owners enjoy the enhanced privacy of completing a 1040 or Schedule C filing on their own, using one of a variety of excellent e-filing services. And they take great pride in completing the job on their own.

If that DIY attitude applies to you, then is here to help by being simply this: a resource for people in the United States who want to file their own income tax returns.

We’re not tax accountants. We probably couldn’t do your taxes even if you wanted us to. If you find that you need personalized professional tax advice, you should absolutely consult a professional. We might even be able to recommend one for you over on our Facebook Group.

Instead, we’re DIY individuals (and also small business owners) who have been doing our own taxes for many years, and we’ve learned quite a few things along the way. It is our hope that this website provides information that helps you do your own tax return, and do it right.

Best regards!